Renovation, Charlton Kings

This project involved the meticulous renovation of a Grade II listed building on London Road, Charlton Kings, originally constructed in 1890. Our team was tasked with a sensitive yet transformative restoration, aimed at reviving the building’s original Georgian features while adapting it for contemporary living. The focus was on creating a Georgian townhouse that both honours its historical roots and meets modern expectations of comfort and style.

Throughout the renovation process, great care was taken to preserve the integrity of the building’s architectural heritage. Original elements such as mouldings, fireplaces, and window frames were carefully restored to their former glory. Wherever new materials or features were introduced, they were chosen for their ability to harmonise with the Georgian aesthetic, ensuring a seamless blend of old and new.

The interior of the townhouse now reflects the elegance and grandeur characteristic of Georgian design, with high ceilings, spacious rooms, and classical decorative details. Yet, alongside these historical elements, the property has been equipped with modern amenities and finishes, providing a luxurious and functional living space.